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One of Europe's largest bank of human and animal mocrobiotas is

MicroBiome Bank

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How May We Help The Healing Process?

Every successful service is backed by a well-assembled team. We have been involved in human microbiota transfer since 2016, and we are the only company in Europe to provide lyophilized human microbiotas for clinical trials and sports medicine procedures. Our aim is to keep our company innovative and to launch the required formulation in all healthcare institutions in Europe within 72 hours. Not only do we collect and organise the expertise that comes to us, but we also provide this knowledge in a systematic way as back-up for our colleagues in patient care.

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Attila Bezzegh M.D.

Medical Director, medical microbiologist
As the head of the MicroBiome Bank laboratory, my role is to safely implement the latest microbiological technologies that help our company to provide the highest quality and safest service in microbiota transfer to the institutions and individuals we serve.

Gábor Patay M.D.

Microbiota specialist, medical doctor

In line with MicroBiome Bank's strategy, my primary role is to provide professional support to colleagues performing microbiota transfer and transplantation in institutions. In my daily work, I am responsible for the isolation of adverse reactions during treatment and symptoms unrelated to therapy.

László Hernold M.D.

Director of Commerce, medical doctor

As an intensive care physician, I liaise with hospitals and clinics, providing colleagues with up-to-date information on the use of microbiota transfer and transplantation, with a special focus on CD infections.

Attila Belatiny-Kenéz M.D.

Executive Director, medical doctor

My primary task is to formulate the company's strategy, to reconcile the latest research knowledge and legal requirements in the field of microbiota transplantation and transfer, to provide up-to-date information to patient care institutions, educational institutions.

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