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Storing your own gut microbiota

for future recovery

in the form of capsules that can be stored at home
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Autologous MTT

as a new form of health insurance

A large body of research has linked changes in the gut microbiota – sometimes described as “dysbiosis” or bacterial imbalance – to numerous diseases and health conditions. Dysbiosis can develop in anyone at any time, even in people who are otherwise healthy. Some diseases have been shown to be associated with a shift in microbiota composition. Unsurprisingly, microbiota transplantation therapy (MTT) has had considerable success in treating these diseases.

The AutoBiome treatment is a further extension of the MTT paradigm: we use autologous MTT, i.e. we provide a faecal bacterial transplant using a younger/earlier self microbiota. The basic idea works as follows: you provide a stool sample when you are young and/or healthy, and we convert it into capsule form for you to easily store and conveniently use. If you later develop a condition that can be treated with MTT or are receiving a treatment that has side effects that include dysbiosis, you can use your own prepared gut bacteria instead of transplanting microbiota from a donor. In this way, you can resume your life from a "back-up position" after an unexpected event, restoring your previously healthy microbiota.

We have called this service for the production of capsules for autologous MTT AutoBiome.

Who should use our AutoBiome service?

It is important to note that a "healthy" microbiota is an extremely difficult concept to define. In general, we recommend that individuals in excellent health and not suffering from a chronic disease should use AutoBiome. In contrast to the traditional donor-derived microbiota, where only uncompromised health status allows the transformation and use of faecal bacteria, there can and should be a place for consideration in the case of a microbiota stored for self-directed purposes. In the case of the AutoBiome service, it is necessary to decide whether the subsequent return of the microbiota to be loaded into capsules could have a real benefit that could justify the cost of the service.

Human MicroBiome Capsules for MTT

When is storage of microbiota recommended or contraindicated

In general, it is advisable to store one's own microbiota as soon as possible if the date of the intervention or trip is known. This is particularly true for people who do not defecate regularly and any anxiety may make it impossible to store microbiota.
  1. Drug therapy: before antibiotic treatment that is likely to be lengthy and may involve a change of antibiotic.
  2. Prior to oncological treatment: before chemotherapy or radiotherapy if the original lesion did not involve the digestive system.
  3. Surgical procedures: to prevent side effects of antibiotic treatments.
  4. Weight maintenance: to help people with chronic obesity to maintain a healthy weight at critical times.
  5. Travelling to “exotic” countries: before travelling to a country with a low level of hygiene or food safety – but not infrequently the level is not lower, just unusual, different, different from the usual.
  6. Occupation/activity involving a high risk to health: where the activity in question is likely to result in an accident, serious injury or disfigurement likely to endanger life (for soldiers, police officers, firefighters).
  7. Formal timing: for athletes who are at risk of infection due to the environment of the sport or where prolonged physical activity is required.
  1. Drug therapy: if antibiotic treatment is already in progress or if antibiotic has been used within 6 months.
  2. Before oncology treatment: for malignant lesions affecting the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Surgical procedures: for surgeries that do not involve preventive antibiotic treatment, e.g. 1-day procedures.
  4. Travel: for travel within Europe, provided that drinking water is consumed exclusively from a bottled source.


Our properly prepared, thoughtful and professionally executed AutoBiome service can help you to store and use healthy microbiota to survive medical interventions with serious side effects, unexpected infectious diseases or travel, or to recover faster and with a more certain outcome in case of high health risk activities/professions.

The steps of our Autobiome service

The following steps are designed to ensure that your microbiota is fully protected for the future and that you recover faster.

Medical Examination

Before we store your bacteria with our AutoBiome service, it is advisable to make sure that you do not have any chronic, cancerous or infectious diseases that would be "preserved" in the capsules with the microbiota. To rule out any of the above, we recommend a general laboratory and imaging test, which we will be happy to organise and carry out, but you can also ask your GP to perform the tests based on our recommended list.


The next step is to record the data needed to contact you and send you the sampling device later. As a result of registration, you will be sent an identifier in the format U0000000, which will be referred to in all future cases.Registration

Ordering your AutoBiome

You can use your patient ID to order our AutoBiome service. After payment, we will send you the sampling device within 5 working days. The stool must be inserted once into the sampling device using the instructions provided and delivered to MicroBiome Bank's laboratory within 4 hours. [1]Order


We extract the bacterial mass that makes up the microbiota from the faeces using a method we have developed, freeze-dry it and fill it into capsules using a pharmaceutical process. The aMTT capsules are packed in boxes of 60 and sent to your address by courier. The prepared capsules no longer require major refrigeration for shipping, they can be stored for months in a refrigerator at home or years in a freezer.

[1] At the moment, we can only receive the stools in our laboratory in Budapest, but we can send you the capsules to any country in the European Union. This practically means, that to provide a sample, you have to travel to Hungary, but do not have to wait for the laboratory procedure.


In order to process the most valuable microbiota possible with AutoBiome, particular attention should be paid to:

  1. Do not take any antibiotics or probiotics for at least 6 months before the sample is taken;
  2. Only eat animal protein that is free of antibiotics and anthelmintics and avoid artificial sweeteners;
  3. Eat foods containing live bacteria ("live flora" dairy products, lacto-fermented vegetables);
  4. It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of fluid every 24 hours for 7 days before sampling;
  5. The faeces must reach the laboratory within 4 (four) hours of sampling. Although the deadline seems short, samples are accepted five days a week between 08:00 and 13:00.

Microbiota Transfer Therapy (MTT) is currently the most effective method of treating dysbiosis that can restore natural function. The procedure is extremely safe and, due to the nature of autologous transfer (aMTT), does not present donor-recipient compatibility problems, provided that the professional rules and regulations for MTT are followed. In the case of aMTT, a microbiota deposited at a carefully selected time gives its owner a new chance.

599/360 capsules


  • Whole human microbiota suspension from a healthy individual in lyophilized form
  • To restore your own microbiota
  • Normal bacterial density
  • Minimum 6x60 capsules
  • In the form of MTT suspension
  • For own request and use


MicroBiome Bank cannot and will not verify the identity of the person you have provided for the AutoBiome service. By placing an order, the person using the service accepts that the laboratory will process the sample submitted under the given name individually and fill it in a verifiable manner into the AutoBiome capsules running under the given name or code number. Any effects resulting from the customer's intentional or negligent substitution of samples and/or starting material to be processed shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.