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Mikrobióma és az öregedés

MicroBiome, Inflammation and Ageing

A team of researchers at McMaster University (Canada) recently confirmed previous observations that the composition and amount of mycobacteria (gut bacteria) in the large intestine changes with age. This process led to intestinal inflammation in experimental mice, which ultimately shortened the lifespan of the animals. In a paper co-authored by the researchers (published in the...

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Going down - Day 42

Going Down – Day 42

The last 4 days have probably been the hardest so far. It started by me moving Wednesday’s training to the next morning. Now… that was the first step to the wrong direction. I could barely keep it together and I felt like the training distance (which was only supposed to be 8 easy kilometers for...

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The new plan

The new plan is to dope. Completely legally. I’ll be prepared, but I won’t leave it to chance: I’ll use my own bacteria to stay alive while I implement my new idea. I am no longer a long distance runner and I have never been an ultra one. But just as you can enhance performance...

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