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Microbiota Transplant and Transfer

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A safe, efficient and easy way for microbiota transplant and transfer

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Microbiota transplant and transfer with capsules? MicroBiome Bank's webpage is not an entertainment site, so you might have any of the three reasons below to visit us. Once we know your motifs, we are better at helping you achieving your goals. Taking the above into consideration, you are either a

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If you are in possession of the necessary knowledge to choose one of our cutting edge solutions, please advance by pressing the 'Order' button.

MicroBiome Bank

providing a solution for microbiota transplant and transfer with capsules

We are far more than a stool bank offering a complete solution from feeding donors to supporting health care experts. Whether you are looking for storing your own bacteria for post surgical treatment or trying to find the best donor to restore your patient's health, we have guarantees that will make you feel safe. We are not only providing you with the opportunity of "at-home" treatment, we will make sure, that our standards are more rigorous than the industrial ones, that we are always a step ahead of the general medical practices and that we have an oversight of the complete process should we be talking about providing food source for microbiota donors or finetuning treatment protocols. Professional cooperation with colleagues carrying out treatment is our top priority. To make it short, we search for and screens donor, produce preparations for microbiota transfer therapy (MTT) and fine tune treatment protocols for colleagues. We service

countries in

MicroBiome Bank

offers you all the services from donor screening to normalized human microbiota preparations for clinical trials. You may have not thought about it, but we are already providing it.

What is exactly a Microbiota Transfer Therapy (MTT),

who does it help and what are the necessary criteria of application?

Microbiota Transplantation or Transfer Therapy (MTT) is a revolutionary new approach to restoring health. It is also referred to as Faecal Microbiome Transplantation or Transfer (FMT) , which describes the method the treatment is carried out.

MTT refers to the transfer of a community of microscopic organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) from a living, healthy body to a diseased one, with the aim of establishing or restoring an ecological balance that ensures health. A distinction is made between autologous (i.e. a procedure carried out with the patient's own microbiota previously taken) and heterologous (i.e. a procedure with foreign microbiota from a donor who has undergone a series of screening tests) transfer. The introduction can be done in an institutional setting by transplantation (through a nasogastric tube or rectal cannula) or at home by transfer (using freeze-dried capsules).

Our site shows patients, colleagues and donors essential to interventions how MTT is carried out and how it can work for you, applying the right language and professional depth.

Before you commit yourself to ordering any MicroBiome Bank capsules, please review the procedure below.

Making Contact

If you are not familiar with the application of the different MicroBiome Bank capsules, please contact us and provide some background information on the planned procedure. We are here to help You.Step I

Donor Search (up to 30 days)

Most of the times we have the appropriate donors for you. If you have special requirements, it may take up to 30 days to find the right donor.Step II

Donor Screening (up to 10 days)

If our database does not contain the donor of your choice, we need to thoroughly screen the candiadate in accordance with our protocol. At the end of the procedure we will provide a complete donor profile for you.Step III

Donation and Storage (up to 90 days)

If for professional reasons it was not possible for you to chose from a list of previously donated stool samples, we will start a donation period of two weeks for the donor followed by an 8 week safety storage. As the last step the donor is retested and the stool is classiefied by 16sRNA sampling.

Step IV

Lyofilization and encapsulation (3-4 days)

If all criteria are met, we will lyophilise and encapsulate the prepared human microbiota for you and dispatch it with the appropriate documentation.

Step V

We are completely aware of the fact that clinicians need a response time of 48-72 hours, this is why MicroBiome Bank keeps one of the largest storage of ready to ship human microbiota capsules in Europe. If there are no very specific reasons to search for a new donor, we recommend you choosing from our stool bank.

Our most popular human microbiota processing methods

As a result of MicroBiome Bank's ongoing efforts, you have the choice of several donor microbiota processing methods. Below are just a few of the options we would like to draw your attention to.

Not convinced yet?

Would you like to see how MTT works in an extreme situation? Follow us and see how we turn a colleague from Zero to Hero in a matter of months on The MicroBiome Run

Apply to be a Donor

MicroBiome Bank's stool donors are very special people. As well as being incredibly healthy, they are also extremely careful about what they eat, not just for themselves but for the patients they help. If you'd like to join them, get in touch with us and we'll see if you fit the criteria. All a microbiota donors receive a wide range of free medical services from us. Click for more details.

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Over the past decade, our knowledge about the human microbiota has exploded. At the same time, it is very difficult to filter out from the mass of information available the clinical trials, summaries and presentations that have a real and tangible relevance, that are understandable and maybe applied to the everyday clinical work. As of 1st December 2023, we will attempt to collect these articles on our page and comment them in plain language.

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