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MicroBiome Transfer Therapy (MTT)

help you by receiving bacteria of healthy donors?

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MicroBiome Therapy?

What do we know and what are we missing? Science is evolving. Today, publications on the role of microbiome transfer in tumour management are still greeted with the same scepticism as those published more than ten years ago on the adverse effects of antibiotics in food on gut flora. At the same time, for many diseases, even people without a professional background are now aware of the importance of the diversity, balance and monitoring of the microorganisms in our gut. This is why you are on our site now. While the production of a perfectly functioning, stable ecosystem under artificial conditions will not be possible for many decades, the transfer of microbiomes from healthy individuals called Microbiome Transfer Therapy (MTT) is now a routine.

First, we would like to explain how we think about the microorganisms that live in our gut today. We will then show you the therapeutic options available to you for different diseases. Finally, we will describe how you can access MicroBiome Bank capsules for each disease group.


We are working hard to make our site as iformative and as user friendly as possible. For this reason we are rewriting our information package for patients to help them find best solution. We are not a company of promises, but suggestions. Please come back after the 20th of November, 2023 and we will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your understanding!

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Over the years, knowledge about the human microbiome has exploded. At the same time, it is very difficult to filter out from the mass of information available the clinical trials, summaries and presentations that have a real and tangible relevance in the treatment of patients. From the 1st of December 2023, we will attempt to collect these writings in our Blog.

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